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I would love to hear from you - any comments or requests you may have on my custom, hand-made products.
~ Barbara

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Bulldog Bruno on his  Donut dog bed with a new flannel and denim blanket, by Barbara Garton at OasisOriginals.net Stacy wanted her Bulldog Bruno’s old bed replaced with a new one. She wanted the same style but with washable covers and inserts that she could fill herself along with an organic flannel and denim blanket. “Thanks for Bruno’s new bed and blanket, he says “I wuv it! “ He won't even lay on his old bed anymore. Thanks again for all you do for me. You really do an amazing job. Stacy & Bruno, Bloomingdale, IL

Jerzee the rat terrier was constantly scratching her neck it was raw and bleeding and most of her hair was gone in the lower neck area. I designed a new style of neck and chest guard and sent it off to Jerzee.

“We got to the mail this morning and Jerzee is wearing her new neck and chest protector. It fits perfectly and the color match is perfect for her coat color. She was a little apprehensive at first but now is comfortable with it. It definitely will stop the scratching. Thanks so much for the excellent job."

Follow up after 2nd neck/chest guard purchase:  “The garments you made Jerzee are working great and her neck has healed completely." Norbert & Jerzee, Oak Harbor, WA

Cooper was in need of a second snood, the original is still good shape, a little tattered from the occasional pawing at but he needed another one to wear while laundering etc. His owner requested an extra layer so when cooper is pawing at his snood there is more protection. John received the heavier snood and said:

“Another quality snood. The bleeding has stopped within 24 hours. I couldn't be more thankful and it’s a perfect fit. " John & Cooper, Glenville, NY

This neck guard has been just the thing we needed. It does exactly what it's supposed to and does it perfectly.
Mike had a few small open areas on his neck that he scratched and then it became a habit. We were often awakened at night to the scratching (along with a sprinkling of dog hair) and it continued all day long. The sores were never getting a chance to heal.
I happened upon this website and once I read the reviews, I was sold. Barb is extremely conscientious about her work. She does a fantastic job guiding you through the measurements. She always returned emails really fast and I received my neck guard in a really timely manner.
We've had the neck guard for a few days and it is perfect. Mike (our enthusiastic lab) doesn't try to fight putting it on (which is astounding in itself) and he has NEVER tried to get it off. It is as if he likes it! He continues to attempt to scratch at his sores, but his nails don't penetrate the fabric and he quickly losses interest. The frequency of the scratching has diminished tremendously.
He can still freely move his head. (I tried a different neck guard from a catalogue and it was like he'd been in a car accident. He couldn't move his head.) Mike can easily chew his bones, eat his food, and fall asleep all while wearing this neck guard. It appears to be very comfortable. We call it his turtleneck.
Don't hesitate to make this purchase! Amy & Mike, Mequon, WI

You are a lifesaver; your Neck Guard has changed Heidi’s life! The product is of high quality workmanship, with extensive cooperation and communication during the process of determining how the product should fit and genuine concern for my pet's well being and comfort. Also, you followed up to see how we were working out. The Neck Guard lets Heidi live a normal life by protecting her neck from scratches. I It is comfortable for her to wear and she actually looks forward to my putting the Neck Guard on each morning. I thank you very much.... Ron & Heidi, Roslyn Heights, NY
I received Boomer's Neck Guard and it is so soft and well made. The Neck Guard is a great improvement and he seems quite comfortable in it. I love the color. Glad we went with the Ginger Brown. I appreciate your skill. I can tell that the Neck Guard took much planning and the seamstress work is top quality. Thanks so much, Nancy & Boomer, Encinitas, CA
Oasis Originals Snood to cover ears and protect while healing. Barbara,
Sammy’s snood just arrived and it fits perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to make sure the measurements were correct and shipping it out to me on the same day. I know that was a lot to ask but I was desperate to find a solution since his ear was not healing. He doesn’t seem to mind that he has it on and it is keeping him from reopening the scab on his ear. I can see a difference after just one day. Thank you, Sammy and David, Lewis Center, Ohio.

Abby the Weimaraner wears a snood by Oasis Originals, to cover her exposed ear after removal from cancer. Abby, a Weimaraner, had one of her ears removed due to cancer and had nothing to anchor a bandage to for protection from the sun for walks. She also needed protection when she is running out in the field to keep things out of her ear. I made her my normal snood but inserted a tightly woven fabric over where the stitches would be.
“I just got home and tried the snood on Abby first thing. I think she will get used to it and like wearing it! I can't thank you enough for rushing this to me! The little insert is perfect for her stitches. It fits perfectly! There is something special about it because she does not try to pull it off immediately the second I put it on. It will provide good protection for her ear during the healing process. Abby and I can't thank you enough for rushing the order and making it special so that it won't tug at her stitches!"   Robin & Abby, Oceanside, CA

Buster wearing PJ's to help protect skin on tummy from scratching issues. Oasis Originals custom made clothing and covering for pets.

Click Buster's Photo for a second Photo to view!
Buster the Lakeland terrier needed a lightweight cotton pajama that had longer legs and more coverage in his tummy area due to skin issues and scratching. I made him a two layered lightweight knit full body pajama with longer legs and a rib knit gusset for more coverage. “ OMG!!! The pj's for Buster are absolutely amazing and wonderful. What a beautiful job you did, Barbara! He is such a little stud muffin. He is ready to walk the red carpet. Love them!!! Thank you, thank you. They fit just perfect, too!”
Paul & Buster, Los Angeles, CA

American Bulldog with protective shirt and neck covering, for helping to cover a burn while healing. Made by Oasis Originals! DeeDee the American Bulldog needed a custom t-shirt that would cover her whole neck, her shoulders and some of her back due to a burn healing process. I made her two t-shirts out of two layers of lightweight breathable knit fabrics and attached an adjustable reinforced high collar. Her t-shirts are also used to protect her burn area from the sun when she is outside.
“DeeDee is doing fine with her protective shirt, she knows the drill when she see's her shirt because it’s a sign that she will be going out. Her skin has healed very well and she is much better than before. Thank you very much for the help when I needed it, you really did get me everything in swift timings, I sincerely appreciate it and so does DeeDee.” Mohammed & Dee Dee Denver, CO
Dog neck guard made by Oasis Originals

We could tell you had a loving dog at home. Your products can only be designed by a fellow dog owner! They are so perfect and there really isn't anything like them anywhere. We can't wait to tell our vet about them. We were so stumped when we were trying to find something to cover the cyst on Trinity’s neck. Thanks again for everything; your project really saved us! Denise & Trinity... oh and Sean too :), Rochester, NY

Dog Neck Protection Guard made by Oasis Originals
The neck guard arrived, it fits great and Stella really likes it. Thank you so much for all your help. It will protect her perfectly. She was playing with Dutch (our other dog) and they both had no problem with it. Neither one of them was bothered by it in the least. Looks great!!! Thank you so much.

Jennifer & Stella, Bakersfield, CA

Dog tacky paws no skid booties for feet, made by Oasis Originals

The booties are working great; she is walking around the hardwood floors without fear of slipping now.

Nancy & Paylei, Santa Rosa, CA

Dog ear snood to protect ears and keep ears clean, tiny size, made by Oasis Originals
The snood is really cute. Doesn't hold all her fringe, like you said, but it keeps it back. It is very cute! Both are well made.

Yes, the snood works great to keep her ears clean.
Nancy & Sacha, Santa Rosa, CA

Dog neck guard to protect dog's neck, made by Oasis Originals
I think Neck Guard is perfect and Jaq doesn't seem to have any problem wearing her neck protector. I think it looks very nice. Thank you!

Lorelei & Jaquelyn, Chandler, AZ

Dog tacky paws boots for no skid foot protection, ease of walking on slippery surfaces or help elderly dogs get up off of floors with extra grip. Made by Oasis Originals
Hak's booties arrived today and they look GREAT! Put them on him right away, back only. He has no problem leaving them on and made no attempt to remove them. Again, I'm very grateful to you for making us these wonderful booties! Ellen & Hak, Pembroke Pines, FL
Rudy wearing a snood to protect ears, made by Barbara at OasisOriginals.net
I just received the snoods for Rudy - they are fabulous!!!! Rudy has both ears that have been spraying my house for weeks now due to a nasty infection he had when he came to me a few weeks ago. I wrapped his head, I cleaned out his ears, I taped the ears, and he continued to shake and split the ends again. Barbara has made these so that they fit just right and they have not bled at all since I put a snood on even though he has shaken his head several times. Rudy is doing well - your snoods are absolutely fabulous!!! He wears his snood easily and well I cannot thank you enough for them.
Elizabeth & Rudy, Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue of Northern California
Seamus a Golden Retriever with tacky paws for non skid walking on bare floors. Durable custom made products with your pet's health in mind. OasisOriginals.net
Seamus is a 14 year old Golden Retriever that was having problems with traction; he would splay out on the small spaces of floor in between rugs. He has a previously dislocated hip and it is imperative that he not splay out on his back legs. “I am very impressed with your workmanship as well as your prompt service. With a geriatric dog, I must be vigilant in his care. The Tacky Paws are a huge help with his movement on wood floors and give Seamus a sense of security. I am so grateful for them.” He will be 14 this year and is a wonderful companion to me. Any way I can help him, I will. Thanks for your help. They are very nice quality. Thanks for your beautiful work.
[ After second set purchased ]It is Seamus's mother again. I would love a second set. Seamus just turned 14 years old and is doing well. His Tacky Paws give him great mobility on my wood floors and a wonderful sense of security. Without them, he is slipping all the time. I cannot thank you enough.
Sharon & Seamus, Portsmouth, NH (Click image for standing view of Seamus' tacky paws)
Josey a labrador retriever with a neck guard to protect the neck to allow healing. OasisOriginals.net custom made products with your pets health in mind.
My adorable Labrador Josey has taken to scratching her neck raw. The scratching of her neck has become a habit...she has scratched it raw and it needs time to heal. I think your neck guard is the solution! She doesn't seem to mind it too much! I think it will be the answer to letting her neck heal and hopefully helping her to kick the scratching habit! She is no longer able to dig her nails into her neck and it is healing just after two days! She doesn't mind having it on one bit! [ a few days later ]
Your Neck Guard has been great...her neck looks almost normal (just have to let the hair grow back). I am so glad she doesn't mind wearing it, it's obviously comfortable! Thanks again,
Sarah & Josey, Edwards, WI
Wee Bit with her neck guard custom made by Barbara at Oasis Originals, products with your pet's health in mind.
I tried the neck guard on Wee Bit last night and it fit perfectly. Thank you so much for all your help!!! I am very happy with the coverage, and at first she's not happy about me putting it on, but then she gets over it and she's fine. :)
I am very pleased with it.
Thank you again!
Stefany & Wee bit, Corpus Christi, TX
Bonnie with her neck guard fitting perfectly. Hand made by Barbara at Oasis Originals, products with your pet's health in mind.

The reason for the neck guard is that she loves rolling in the horse manure when she is visiting the barn. She only seems to want to rub her neck region. We have tried a neckerchief and are now using a cowl neck dog sweater. When I saw your neck guard, I knew that it would work beautifully. It will definitely help to keep her cleaner and it fits great. I also wanted to tell you how well made your neck guard is. It will definitely stand up to anything Bonnie can dish out. After I saw the workmanship that you do, I feel that it's well worth the price, because this will last a very long time. The fit is perfect. At first I thought it was too long because it came right up under her ears, but I soon saw that we needed that length to keep the manure from reaching this area. You should post the reason that we purchased the neck guard, because a lot of people have this same problem. Our vet said that it's just instinct and you can't stop these ranch dogs from rolling in the poop.
Michele & Bonnie, Hayden, Idaho

Riddick with his snood to protect his ears! Made by Barbara at Oasis Originals, products with your pet in mind.
Thank you for the snood, it arrived today and it fits perfectly. Riddick tries to take it off but so far it's working great.

We can finally take the bandage off and let his ear breathe and heal. Thank you.
Our other Ridgeback, Ragnar, is jealous ;) he keeps trying to take the snood off of Riddick ;)

Mila & Riddick, Rocklin, CA

Buddy the dog gets a snood to protect her ears so she can heal. Happy Buddy, Happy owners.
Buddy’s snoood is perfect, thanks so much!!!

Yes, it works fine and buddy loves it ....it’s much better than the cone!

Buddy (who is a girl dog), buddy’s mom, Barbara and Barbara’s granddaughter Katie

New York, NY  (click image for zoom view of Buddy's snood)

Dog neck guard hand made by Barbara at Oasis Originals, California
Buster loves his new neck guard and it fits great.

The neck guard is so soft and provides the perfect coverage for his neck.

Wish I had it a year ago.

Paul & Buster, Hollywood pose Lakeland style.

Dog ear snood to protect ears from scratching and allow them to heal. Hand made by Barbara at Oasis Originals, California
The snood fits! it was a little big, but I washed it and dried it in
the dryer for a while and now it fits great. Ember doesn't even seem to
mind it too much...thank you!!! she looks like Princess Leah.

Debra & Ember, Elkridge, MD
High quality hand made tote bag by Barbara at Oasis Originals, California
Hi Barbara

Tote bag has just arrived and OMG, its beautiful, fantastic and what wonderful work, you have put into it. Even better than I could imagine. The bag is perfect :-) Hubbie was very impressed too, that says a huge amount as he never usually makes a comment lol.
Sue S. England
Rhodesian Ridgeback ear protection "snood" for protecting dog's ears. Oasis Originals, custom made pet clothing, snoods, and more.
The snood arrived today and it looks great and I think it fits perfect. Nitro looks like he is wearing a babushka, way too funny.
We see ear injuries often enough when we are coursing. I always like to spread the word on a product that I feel is well constructed and useful. I think every first aide kit should have one of these.
Gayle & Nitro, Macedonia, OH
Custom made sweaters for Bruno & Shilo keep them warm on frigid winter days. Oasis Originals quality dog clothing you can trust!
Hi Barbara,
I wanted to let you know that I received the sweaters and I absolutely love them. They turned out great and they look awesome. Also, the blanket is perfect. Thank you so much........The sweaters are holding up great. I don't know what I would do without them. Shiloh would definitely be freezing her little butt off. As for the blanket it is perfect. It is soo soft and cozy I wish I had one.

Stacy, Bruno & Shiloh, Bloomingdale, IL
Dog's protective ear snood to help protect against allergies or healing issues such as infections and ear hematomas. Custom made dog ear snood by Barbara at Oasis Originals

I received the snood today & he is tolerating it quite well. THANKS!!.........Although I've had it for less than 24 hours, I love it!! It is going to make my life easier and help Dino's ears heal much more quickly. Your snood is constructed extremely well-very strong, which is so important with anything given to a rhodesian ridgeback. I can't thank you enough, when I need to use it, it works without fail and has saved me both time and money.

Denise & Dino, Columbus, OH

Tacky Paws Slipper booties for dogs help keep feet from slipping on floors.
Hi Barbara!
We received the VERY CUTE tacky paws today! Nutty has been wearing them all evening. I'm not sure how used to them she is yet but I definitely think she has more traction and that makes me very happy! Thanks SO much for the fabulous work!!!! They are so cute!!! And yes, tiny. 
Dawn & Nutmeg, San Diego, CA 
Snood ear covers help keep dogs from tearing up their ears and prevent spatters of blood from hematomas and other ear problems from spraying on walls and furniture.

The snood arrived. I hope this will work so we won't have blood sprayed all over the house. She doesn't like it to much but with her demeanor hopefully a little teaching and she will not try to get it off. I think it will work as long as we are here watching her. It's lot better than that cone we have had her wearing.

[ a few days later..... ] It's working out pretty good, Thanks.

Susan & Abby, Ashville, OH

Paw tacky slippers for dogs - testimonial at Oasis Originals
Indy is a Newfoundland Mix breed and weighs in about 137 pounds. He's a big, sweet boy. Because he is so big he has a hard time getting up and down on our Pergo flooring, which is slippery for him. I contacted Barbara and she made him some custom made Tacky Booties for his paws. They are soft and durable. Indy loves them. It does my heart good to see him get up from a laying down position without straining and slipping. He runs and plays on the Pergo floors without his feet going out from under him.

Thank you Barbara for making a product with love and care.

Jacki and Indy aka Booty Boy (Sacramento, Ca.)

Booties for dogs, protective and non skid to prevent slipping accidents especially in elderly dogs.
The Tacky's are doing great for Charlie! We see a lot more of him around the house now. He's like a new dog! I know he knows they help him a lot. We're so happy to have them.

Nancy, Mark & family
Canby, MN

Dog neck guard to protect from allergies or raw skin from scratching during your treatment program.

Our boxer Luke attends a day care on occasion. He has a distinctive boxer playing style, which involves use of front paws and mouth wrestling. However, his sensitive skin around the front-side neck area gets scratched and nicked. Your neck guard is the ideal solution for his visits to the activity-based day care center. He seems to like wearing it.

Paul C., Oakland, CA

Tacky Paws dog booties for assistance with walking on slippery surfaces or for elderly dogs, senior dogs, sickly dogs with mobility and health problems such as lick sores on feet.

Pookie needed to have a pair for her front feet only due to her constant licking from allergies and to help avoid contact with the grass when she goes out.

" I just love them! They are very well made & they have helped Pookies feet very very much!!! " 

from Pookies Mom in West Virginia.

Tacky Paws dog booties for assistance with walking on slippery surfaces or for elderly dogs, senior dogs, sickly dogs with mobility and health problems such as lick sores on feet.

"   Barbara, thank you again for the booties and also for understanding Fred's condition. For a 15-year old fellow, he is doing as well as can be expected. The booties help him get up and stay up. We are relieved that he doesn't have to struggle so much and can therefore get back to the things that he does best (like begging for treats!). We're happy to recommend these booties to anyone who has a dog who might have back or disk trouble, like Fred does, or who has any other condition that might cause difficulty with ordinary movement. We're also impressed with the quality of the booties--they've already been through a muddy back yard and the washing machine and have come out fine.  "    Kim & Sandy, San Jose, CA
Dog Ears Snood made for a Rodesian Ridgeback, by Barbara at OasisOriginals.net -  read customer testimonial!

I have a male Rhodesian Ridgeback who has lots of ear problems. We have tried many things but I think the snood looks like it could do the trick and help stop the tips of his ears from bleeding and spraying everywhere......We have received the snood and its great, thanks.

Jane W.
United Kingdom

Two snoods for another Rodesian Ridgeback with ear problems, made by Barbara at OasisOriginals.net - read testimonial to the right!

Hi Barbara,
The snoods arrived yesterday. They are terrific!!! Very well designed. Thor doesn't seem to mind wearing it, they are GREAT!!!! Thanks so much! They fit well too.
Thor looks quite fetching in them....tried them on Zeus (our other RR) and he looks nice in them too; especially the blue one.
I told Zeus' breeder about your snoods and she was interested...thinks it a great idea!
Thank you. ~  Mark G.  ~  Maryland, U.S.A.



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