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Romeo cat soft sculptured posable doll hand made by barbara at Oasis Originals
Princess Ginger Soft Sculptured doll by barbara at Oasis Originals

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Dolls soft sculptured animals and dolls

Custom Design Soft Sculptured Animals and Dolls

These "one of a kind" character dolls are designed with the personality of the subject in mind. They are made from a variety of high end faux furs and fabrics and hand stuffed with polyester-fill and glass beads. They are intended for decoration only and are not suitable for young children. Of course they do love a good hug once in a while. Prices vary depending on customer design requests. Dog and cat dolls. More dolls to come...

The dolls seen here are my samples and are for sale. Please contact me for more information.
Shipping & Handling is additional on all items.

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"Donut" Chihuahua soft sculpture doll by Barbara at Oasis Originals"Donut"

The owner of a tiny Chihuahua requested a helmet to protect his brain from ruff housing with his greyhound pack member. I made a paper mache head so I could have a form to work with. But the helmet was refused by the little guy so any good vibes his way would be appreciated. I finished his body with faux fur and dressed him up to welcome the winter.

"America" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made dog doll "America"

America came to me after 9/11. He is my tribute to what happened right down to his Dalmatian tears on his face. I love the U.S.A.

"Buddy" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made dog doll"Buddy"

Buddy is a Chocolate Lab. Perfect for Valentines Day. He is also a tribute to President Clinton's dog pal who has gone on to rainbow bridge. Complete with Nike running shoes.

"Butterball" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made cat doll "Butterball"

Butterball loves turkey. Of course to eat, but in order to catch a turkey, he must be one with the turkeys. His heart is in it but so far no luck.

"Camou Kitty" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made cat doll"Camou Kitty"

Camou Kitty is a professional undercover agent. She has been know to blend in to any surrounding and becomes "un-seen" by all dogs and most humans no matter where she is.

"Drak-u-Kat" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made cat doll "Drak-u-Kat"

Drak-u-kat has been gifted with very large teeth, "the more to give mouth hugs with, my dear." Of course, his favorite holiday is halloween. blah !

"Harris McBeardie"  Posable Soft Sculptured hand made dog doll "Harris McBeardie"

Harris McBeardie is of course a Bearded Collie and Scottish. I tried to design as close as possible to being authentic even down to going commando ! He has a sporran with his family emblem of a sheep holding a bone on it. He also has a " bag-o-pipes ".

Harris McBeardie is offered for the price of $500.00 and 75% of the proceeds for the doll will go to Canine Health Concern in EnglandPlease visit their site and learn how to help your four legged friends live longer and healthier lives. What Catherine O'Driscoll has experienced, researched and written about in her three books is universal and pertains to all of our domestic creatures on this world. This is something we need to listen to and understand, if we want to continue to live with the love our pets give, unconditionally.

"Miss Kitty" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made cat doll"Miss Kitty"

Miss Kitty is for all those DIVA cats out there. She is for the pampered queens of the feline world, and represents the lifestyle we humans can only wish to live.

"Sammy Paws" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made dog doll "Sammy Paws"

What can I say, another Bearded Collie all dressed up for Christmas. Ready to assist Santa in his work when needed. He is also well know for keeping all of Santa's reindeer in check. ( This doll can be duplicated to customers specifications )

"Sunshine" Posable Soft Sculptured hand made dog doll "Sunshine"

Sunshine, the Yellow Lab, loves the warm springtime and flowers. She does have some orthopedic problems but this has been corrected with a knee brace. She watches her weight, takes slow walks and gets along just fine with help from homeopathy.

If you have a dog in need of pain control, please be aware of the risks involved in using the prescribed drugs from your Vet. Research for yourself and visit The Senior Dogs Project and Dogs Adverse Reactions for more information on helping your canine friend cope with pain control and for alternatives to treatment, along with what to look for if there is an adverse reaction in your loved one.





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