Oasis Originals art and craft creations by Barbara
Soft Sculptured Cat Doll, Romeo, hand crafted by Barbara at Oasis Originals
Soft Sculptured Dog Doll, Princess Ginger, hand crafted by Barbara at Oasis Originals

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Pet Gear, dogs ear snoods, pet costumes, dog snoods, pet sweaters, dog sweaters, dog blankets, pet blankets, cat ramps, dog beds, cat beds

Companion Animal Gear

Pet Sweaters, blankets, costumes, snoods, neck guards, walking harness, beds, tacky paws dog boots, and anything else a high end pet would need. Yes, even a cat ramp.

Specializing in using organic fabrics for the sensitive pets.






My snoods were designed out of the passion for keeping my Ridgeback's ears to her head and also allowing air flow. I was dealing with trying to clear the gunk build-up she had when she first came to me, and also stop excessive blood flow to the ends of her ear flaps in order to keep both the open wounds from bleeding and spraying my walls, floors, me (the sores were due to my cats form of playing with his dog).

They have velcro closure and are made to the size of your dogs circumference around its head. I make the bonnet area more stretchy and use a light weight knit cotton blend fabric for additional air flow to the insides of the ears. Prices depend on size of head and fabric choice. 100% organic cotton knit fabric also available.
Email me for instructions on measuring your pups head, and prices.  

Shipping and handling charges are additional on all items.

Click images for larger view

Dog Snood, ear covers, ear protection, dogs, first aid, wrap

Dog snood, snoods, dogs, first aid, wrap, protection, ears

See Customer Testimonials for dog Snoods!



Neck Guard

My neck guards were designed to protect irritated skin from scratching nails. They are triple layer knit and top stitched to stay ridged. These are extremely helpful to me to keep my dogs from scratching at their inflamed skin from allergy issues. Contact me for custom ordering the right size for your pet's neck.

Shipping and handling charges are additional on all items.

Click images for larger view

Neck Guard neck protection for allergy and skin inflammation problems. Protect your dog from scratching her neck raw. Custom made at OasisOriginals.net

Neck Guard neck protection wrap, for allergy and skin inflammation problems. Protect your dog from scratching her neck raw. Custom made at OasisOriginals.net Longer Neck Guard for dogs, extra protection. Made by Oasis Originals

Longer neck guards for better protection from scratching. Dog neck guards made by Oasis Originals.

New Style: Neck & Chest Guard

This new style Neck / Chest Guard covers the whole neck and also covers the front of the chest for protection of skin damage that is lower in the neck and chest area. It fits in between the front legs and then wraps around the ribcage and fastens with a Velcro closure behind the shoulders

Neck and Chest Guard protective pet gear for pets with skin health issues. Made by Barbara at Oasis Originals dot net!

Neck and Chest Guard pet gear for dogs with problem skin.


See Customer Testimonials for Neck Guards and NEW  Neck and Chest Guard



Tacky Paws Booties / Pet Slippers

Tacky Paws are to assist older dog's with difficulty slipping on floor surfaces, such as tile and wood floors, when standing from a sitting or sleeping position or just walking across the floor. Also can be use when walking outside in order to eliminate contact with toxins or pollens in dogs with allergies.

Shipping and handling charges are additional on all items.

Note to customers: I have found one of the best materials for tacky paws is a good quality stretch jean material, often not found in fabric stores. I am therefore recycling good quality stretch denim material whenever possible, for my tacky paws.
Click images for larger view

Dog boots "tacky paws" for no skid, no slip walking. Oasis Originals custom made pet gear.

Dog boots "tacky paws" for no skid, no slip walking. Oasis Originals custom made pet gear.

See Customer Testimonials for dog Tacky Paws !






Dog Sweaters, specializing in using organic fabrics for the sensitive pets. Dog clothing made double layered for extra skin barrier for dogs with allergy problems. Click thumbnail images below to see larger views of more samples of my dogs new sweaters. Also available are sweaters custom made for your dogs, using your clean, used "recycled" clothing!

Shipping and handling charges are additional on all items.

Oasis Originals custom made dog sweaters, by Barbara. Photo of Rhodesian Ridgeback wearing a cozy denim thermal knit sweater.

How about a new pet sweater to keep warm in the winter months? Here we have my Ridgeback, wearing her royal "armor." This organic, double layered, insulated denim knit sweater is one of three that she wears during any temperature drop. With three custom fitted sweaters, she is able to have a clean one ready at any time.  Sweaters can serve as protection to dogs with itchy, allergy skin. Prices vary with fabric choice, style, size.
Click on thumbnail previews to see larger view.
These dog sweaters made from all new materials.
Double layered new ORGANIC knit sweater with velour fabric heart in front. 11Grnbw is made from new rainbow striped knit fabric with rainbow ribbing. 11Gmeme is made from new its all about me knit fabric with rainbow ribbing.    Shvyswtr is made from new heavy cotton knit fabric with new ribbing
New Camo knit with grey stripe. Dog Sweaters for sale, custom made, at OasisOriginals.net New organic heavy knit with velour heart. Dog clothes, custom made, for sale and special order at OasisOriginals.net Summer version of pet shirts, double layer, lightweight knit. Oasis Originals pet clothing by Barbara. Summer version of pet shirts, double layer, lightweight knit. Oasis Originals pet clothing by Barbara.

Pet Sweaters also available made from your recyled clothing, click here or visit my Recycled page.


Pet Beds & Blankets

I started making my own pet beds after purchasing a professional made "organic" dog bed over the net. After the first few washings the seams on the cover came undone, so I felt I could do better.

The seams on my pet beds are sewn three times, two straight one finish stitch. Each bed is designed for a specific spot so sizes are endless. The fabrics I used on my beds vary from heavy weight denims, some organic, to heavy weight organic flannel and are pre-washed several times. I can work with faux fur but keep in mind that most pets don't like static charge. Dust mite covers also available.

The stuffings ranges from organic cotton or wool to expanded styrene beads. I also find that if you top the bed with your pets own blanket, it makes it easier to keep the bed clean. I wash my dogs beds once a month and the blankets one or more times a week, as needed. My dogs like to have something to mess up on their beds, to make their spot more comfortable.

Prices for beds depend on size, design, materials needed, and sewing time. Organic fabrics will be higher in cost than standard fabrics, same with the fillers. Shipping and handling charges are additional. Below are some samples of the variety of pet beds I have designed. Bean bag style beds only include the cover and the filler holder insert, you supply the filling.

I will also design new machine washable and dryable covers for your old beds, going by your dimensions.

Shipping & Handling is additional on all items.

Dog Beds - Click Images for Larger View

Pet beds by Oasis Originals. Dog bed sized 40x23x2 inches.

Dog bed by Oasis Originals in California

Dog beds by Barbara at Oasis Originals Pet beds by Oasis Originals. Dog bed sized 46x40x5 inches.
Dog beds, custom made, specializing in organic fabrics by request. Oasis Originals, creations by Barbara
Sleeping bag style made with short pile fur and lined with fleece
Mat style for protective covering on chairs, couches, human beds made from denim or flannel.
Care mat style used while trimming nails, minor grooming, ear cleaning,  made from denim and tight woven dust mite fabric, very durable.
Below: Showing a “donut” style dog bed with custom
made inserts and washable denim cover.

Donut style dog bed by Barbara Garton at Oasis Originals


Oasis Originals custom made pet blankets. Photo displays sample of some fabrics available; if you don't see what you like, just ask!
Pet Blankets - Click Image for Larger View of sample fabrics
How many of you find yourselves fighting over the blankets with your four footed sidekick ? Here is my answer to that, get them their own pet blanket. I work with all types of machine washable fabrics, from short pile furs to denim to flannel. Special ordered organic fabrics available as well! Prices depend on fabric choice, number of layers and animal coverage need.
Blankets - For Pets or their Humans!

Blankets for pets or their humans, custom made by Oasis Originals

Blankets for pets or their humans, custom made by Oasis Originals

Blankets custom made for pets and their humans! By OasisOriginals.net
All three of the above larger blankets were made from Organic knit fabrics from Near Seas Naturals. Please check them out for some amazing choices.







Who can resist dressing their pet up in funny costumes ? Not me, of course I have to have plenty of treats on hand and it helps if your pooch loves to wear clothes. My late Dentist told me to make costumes for pets. He predicted that the world is going to the dogs and cats. I agreed and I dedicate my line of designer costumes to Dr. T, who was the best Dentist in the world.

The dogs in these photographs are my own. Some individuals took up a conversation online last year about how unhappy my pets appear (something you cannot gauge by still photos of many animals, I assure you) and how cruel costumes can be. Well that's a matter of opinion about costumes, and they are entitled to that. I would like to address this frame of mind, however, for such unknowing individuals. My pets wear sweaters a great deal of the time due to their severe (seasonal) allergies, to protect them from harming their skin. Without it, it would be cruel to allow them to harm themselves. Most of my pet gear as you can see on my site is created to make dogs more comfortable and allow their skin to heal! Since they are used to wearing protective gear, aka clothing, and seek warmth and ways to cover themselves for warmth if they do not have it on, they appreciate the warmth provided by clothing. They do of course receive treats and praise when modeling their daily gear or a costume now and then for me to take a photo, so this is not an uncomfortable gig for them. It's a happy time! <wink> If you detect drool in some photos, they are excited about their treat after the photo was taken. There is no unhappiness here. My babies are protected, loved and spoiled, always.

Now let's get creative. Email Me! barbara@oasisoriginals.net

Shipping and handling charges are additional on all items.

Dog costumes, custom made, made to order, Oasis Origianls, creations by Barbara
Ginger the ridgeback dog wearing a 4th of July custom made costume by Barbara at OasisOriginals.net
Dog Costumes custom made by Barbara at Oasis Originals
Dog Costumes custom made by Barbara at Oasis Originals, California



Cat Ramp

My design for the cat ramp, shown below, came out of my cat, Romeo, being diagnosed with "plantar fasciitis ." To me that means one to many times jumping off the TV set. The vet sent him home with an NSAID for pain control, Rimadyl. The same one my husky/shepherd, Oasis was on for her ruptured Achilles tendons (birdbath accident).

When I read the Client Information Sheet enclosed in the box, it stated that Rimadyl is not recommended for use in Felines. When I questioned my vet he informed me that it was only a matter of time, they are waiting on approval for use in cats and it was fine to administer dose, he also said that the Client Information Sheet should have been taken out of the box and not passed on to me. Wrong, Rimadyl is still not approved for use in cats.

Long story short, please be aware of the dangerous side effects that go with using such medication and always ask for your Client Information Sheet. This is available from the manufacturer for the patient, animal or human. Please ask. I am glad I had received one. After reading the information listed on the CIS for Rimadyl, I returned what was prescribed for my cat and also I stopped giving it to Oasis. Wish I had known the adverse reactions to such drugs before Oasis was prescribed it for her injury, I would have tried a different approach such as homeopathy for pain control. Be aware of what you are administering to both you and your pets, do the research. You can read about their stories by Clicking Here

I followed my own advice and instead I made a cat ramp out of 5/8" plywood, and covered it with a denim sleeve with sewn in foot holds to get up and down from his favorite sitting places. I also made sure it was secured to the wall with proper hardware. I eliminated as many places he had to jump down from and he was never bothered by pain again.

You are responsible for the plywood and I can make a custom, machine washable sleeve to provide better traction in getting your feline to its favorite resting place, on top of the world where he or she belongs. Prices depend on size of ramp.

Shipping & Handling is additional on all items.

Custom cat ramp covers to help your older or needy cat climb to a higher platform. Oasis Originals, creations by Barbara. Cat ramp, cat ramp cover, cat ramp sleeve.



Critter Gear

Critter gear includes, sugar gliders, rats, hamsters and such.

It has been a long time since I owned a hamster or mouse and back then the cages were either wood or stainless steel. Today there is a wide range of cages and cage accessories to go along with the even longer list of available critters out there.

I use a warm, cuddly fleece fabric that is machine washable and dryable. I pay very close attention to what hardware is used and will work with your requests along with using small stitches when exposed to protect tiny toes.

In my collection I have included (photos below):

A. a zippered bonding pouch with heavy duty mesh window
a trio of warm fleece fringed blankets
C. a jungle gym made from short pile fur that attaches to the cage with plastic hooks,
     with a crawl through tunnel, a hanging basket and some tie on pompoms for hoarding
D. a hanging layered hammock
E. hamster bed / critter bed

Please contact me for prices and any questions.

Shipping & Handling is additional on all items.

Click any image to see larger view
Bonding Pouch for Critters such as Sugar Gliders, more. Oasis Originals, hand made products by design
Critter Cage Jungle Gym with toys , cup and tunnel, by Oasis Originals in California
Pet cage critter Hammock by Oasis Originals hand made pet products
Hamster and small critter bed for pet cages. Made with quality products, original designs by Oasis Originals





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