Oasis Originals creations by Barbara, hand made soft sculptured dolls, pet blankets, organic fabrics, garden gear, pet gear, artwork, human gear as hand made sun visors, tote bags, book bags, memory bags and more.
Soft Sculptured cat doll "Romeo" hand crafted by Barbara at Oasis Originals
Soft Sculptured Dog doll "Princess Ginger" hand crafted by Barbara at Oasis Originals

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Oasis Originals

All my artwork is original and unique in its own way. Created out of my mind through my eyes with my hands. You are welcome to wander through my gallery. Many items are for sale, and if you have any questions please e-mail me. Comments and special orders are welcome.

Oasis, rescue dog, inspiration for custom made pet products. Oasis was also MY first rescue dog, a Shepherd Husky mixed puppy destined for the pound, and not well. After she nursed me through her illness and health issues we were bonded for ever.

I have added to my list of feathered, finned and fur children and have lost some along the way, so until we meet again . . . this site is dedicated to all of them, the many creatures that live in my heart and thankfully get along just fine.

Definition of O A S I S:
     "A situation or place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge: an Oasis of serenity amid chaos. A shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary [syn: haven]"

This defines what my art creations and my love of nature & animals do for me.

Thank you and enjoy. - Barbara


Soft Sculptured Pet Dolls
Human Gear as tote bags, gift bags, sun visors, hand crafted high quality products
 Pet Gear as blankets, pet beds,  snoods and more
My Artwork as prints of artwork, address labels and more.
Garden Gear








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